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22 May

I knew I wouldn’t like this “being a grown up” deal. I’ve never been big on responsibility or maturity, never wanted the wisdom or the experience that’s suppose to come with age. Nothing in life is free and, as I’ve learned, growing up is no exception. Nope – you pay dearly for that wisdom and experience. You fork over your innocence and your spirit, not even realizing it’s happening at the time. You stop giggling at silly jokes, you stop finding awe in simple things, you trade your endless optimism for the sobering acceptance of reality’s limits. And, then, as soon as you think you have safely made the transition from child to grown-up with only superficial flesh wounds, the monster known as adulthood rears its ugly head and hits you full force with a sick and twisted welcome wagon full of reality, ripping your childhood from you and leaving it limp and bleeding along side the road that you can never turn and go back down.

My welcome wagon came rolling along last year. After 2012, I thought 2013 would be a cakewalk. Have I mentioned how the universe loves to up the ante on me? Bluff called, ante raised. 

First, I lost my job. Then I lost my dad. Somewhere along the way, I lost perspective. I’m 0-3. Welcome to being a grown up.