goodbye, rabbithole…

19 Jul

It has been exactly one month since I lost my job. I should probably be scared or, at the very least, mildly concerned. I am neither. In fact, I’m still flying high on the liberating realization that I will never again have to walk into that office or sit at that ugly, cold table in that ugly, cold conference room. Sure, I dont know what Im doing or what my next move is, but I know it’s forward and far, far away from that rabbithole.

I used to envy Dorothy and Alice, if only because they got to wake up from their nightmares. Well, wait for me, girls! Here I come!

Of course, I know it wasn’t just a dream. It was all real. Somewhere out there a wicked witch and a mad queen are still cackling and screaming orders, I know it. The important thing is neither one can reach me anymore. That chapter has ended.


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